Board Members​


Rajagopal Venkatesh


Rajagopal Venkatesh, Founder and Managing Director of DILABS holds a Diploma in Electronics with 30 years in Defence & Aerospace Engineering. Under his leadership, DILABS is a leading Avionics and Military System solutions provider. The company has designed Indigenous products for prestigious Indian Aircraft and helicopter Programs, delivering close to 1,200 LRUs for various aircraft

Nagraj sir

Nagaraj Ghatigar


Nagaraj, with over 25 years leading product development in Avionics and Enterprise Mobility, possesses global experience with industry majors. Result-oriented, he excels in driving growth for small to medium businesses, specializing in product strategy, customer understanding, and competitor analysis. His expertise spans LRUs, Inertial Navigation Systems, Data Links, embedded electronics, mobility solutions, secure printing, and cloud technologies

Bharati (1)

Bharathi Venkatesh

Director – Human Resource & Administration

Bharathi Venkatesh, an accomplished HR & Administration professional with over 20 years of experience, shapes organizational culture and oversees administrative operations. With a successful track record at companies like Dynalog Marketing Systems, Ashok Leyland, and Compaq, she emphasizes the power of a motivated and engaged workforce, leading with empathy and passion for excellence.