Product Solutions

Data link Systems

Digital Connectivity Platforms -DCP

This System Incorporaates an IP Mesh Processor whichis integrated with an RF transceiver board to provide dual receive diversity.This transceiver integration is combined in a fluid  self-forming, self-healing Mesh network containing up to 16 nodes. the entire Mesh can operate in between 1.25 to 20MHz and employs unique auto adaptive COFDM modulation scheme offering excellent RF penetration and performance in the presence of multipath.

One Radio For Video,Telemetry, SBUS/PPM-Drone

Picardio is a broadband COFDM datalink capable of high speed bidirectional radio transmission and is available in options for diversity receive or 2×2 MIMO.The radio includes two Ethernet ports, a serial port and customizable port that can be used for SBUS in/out or PPM in/out or as a second serial port.The radio feature an advanced wide input voltage range, bandwidth of up to25 Mbps and mesh networking.