VME Mass Memory Card

About Product:

The Versa Module Europa (VME) based Mass Memory Card is designed for use as Mass Storage Card residing on a VME 64x Chassis. The Design incorporates VME slave interface and provide interface to standard Compact Flash Devices adopting PCMCIA compliant standard. The card with its rugged conduction cooled construction and usage of extended temperature version components is ideally suited for use on an Onboard / Airworthy System. The card incorporates 5 temperature sensors to monitor temperature status of the card.


  1. Four Compact Flash slots for interfacing flash devices (Total 16GB with Four 4GB compact flash).
  2. DIP switches Programmable Base Address
  3. VME slave address/ address modifier configurable
  4. Status LEDs
  5. Temperature Monitoring Module

Standards Compliance

  • ANSI-VITA-1-1997 VME 64x Standard
  • IEEE 1101.2 Standard
  • PCMCIA PC Card Standard 7.0
  • PCMCIA PC Card ATA Specification 7.0
  • Compact Flash PCMCIA Standard (CFA)
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