About Product:

Smart Display System Architecture consists of Smart Multi-Function Display Unit, Signal Interfacing & Processing Unit and A/C sensors.

The Smart Multi-Function Display (SMFD-54) Unit is a rugged Standalone, programmable, processing and displaying unit with a color AMLCD Display Unit capable of displaying the data/signals received from Signal Interfacing & Processing Unit (SIPU) in a graphical format.

The 5” Smart Multi-Function Display (SMFD-54) is an advanced Display unit with PowerPC based drive electronics, suitable for adaptation to a wide array of helicopter and fixed-wing applications.

The display unit can accept data on two ARINC 429 channels from two redundant on-board computers external to the unit and the software is capable of validating and generating the display page to present to the pilot in a graphical format.

The display features a rugged 3” X 4” Color Active Matrix LCD, with high brightness and contrast and wide viewing angles with excellent readability in direct sunlight. Also, an NVIS model with full compatibility with Night Vision Goggles is available.

External Interfaces:

  • Adjustable Display Brightness
  • Auto Brightness control of AMLCD based on
  • Ambient Light
  • Adjustable Bezel Backlight brightness
  • NVIS compatible Bezel Back Light
  • Built-in Test page
  • Display Page switching.
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