About Product:

The Smart Multi-Function Display (SMFD-33) Unit is a rugged AMLCD based form, fit and functional display unit. The system is Man Machined Interface supported and updates the pilot by presenting the information about threats as he is flying in the graphical format based on the input commands given by the pilot.


105.0 mm x 105.0 mm x108.5 mm

Display Active Area:

61.2 mm x 61.2 mm


0.1 Ft Lb at ambient night to 133 Ft Lb in day light

External Interfaces:

  • Input Voltages: + 5V DC, +15V DC, - 15V DC, +28 V DC
  • Bezel backlight supplies: + 5V DC or 5V AC (400Hz)
  • One RS 422 serial link.
  • Two Discrete inputs to control mode of operation.
  • One Discrete output indicating the health of the unit.

Electrical Interface:

  • Discrete input signals are used to select one of the four modes:
    - Self-test
    - Normal operation
    - Program
    - Display test
  • RS 422 lines are used to download programs, to receive data/ command and provide Health information to the avionics system while monitoring the discrete output.
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