Master Warning Flasher Unit

About Product:

Master Warning flasher system is a single unit with warning sensing electronics and the necessary logic built into it. MWF Unit will provide a flashing output to a Master Warning lamp any one of the 28 available warning lights is ON. Facility for checking serviceability of warning lights is integrated to this system.

MWF unit will be provided with the following inputs:

  • 28 warning channels for triggering the Master warning Flasher lamp and among them one is a flashing input.
  • One input from cockpit for resetting the flasher.
  • One input from cockpit to initiate the lamp test function to test 30 warning lamps.

Outputs from MWF unit are:

  • Flasher output in a single line for Master warning flasher.
  • Output in 30 channels during lamp test function.

External Connectivity:

DB-50 male connector to interface signals with aircraft.

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