Mast Moment Signal Conditioner

About Product:

The Mast Moment Signal Conditioner (MMSC) is one the LRU’S of the Mast Moment Indication system, Mast means rotating shaft from the transmission, which connects the rotor blades to the helicopter to facilitate indication of the bending load experienced by the stub shaft.

In helicopter the rotor Mast has to carry certain bending moments during slope landings or very rapid control inputs. To indicate such rotor mast bending moments a Mast Moment Indication system is used.

Mechanical Dimension:

Length (L): 260mm, Width (W): 120mm, Height (H): 96mm

Mechanical Finish:

  • The unit is made up of aircraft grade aluminum alloy type B51S WP.
  • All surfaces of the parts are subjected to ALCHROME treatment as per MIL-C-5541F.
  • Black matt hard anodizing on outer surfaces as per MIL-A-8625F type III Class 2.
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