About Product:

Disha is a dynamic attitude measurement unit specially designed for 6 axes measurement. Disha is basically a Vertical gyro which can measure two degree of orientation in space viz. Pitch and the Roll with respect to earth. The sensor uses the Latest MEMS based Sensor and a sophisticated algorithm to estimate the Pitch and the Roll in real time.


Input: 9 to 32 VDC
Input Current: 200mA


Digital Output: RS232
Baud rate: 38400

Temperature range :

Operating Temperature: -40° to +85°C.

External Connectivity:

Unit Connector: D38999/20WD18PN

Mechanical Finish:

Material: Aluminum alloy 6061 T6
All Surfaces of the parts are subjected to ALCHROME Treatment as per MIL 5541E.


0.8 Kg

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