About Product:

ADAHRS is a standalone Unit which gives Attitude, Heading, and Air data information’s for the aircraft. ADAHRS unit receives information from Magnetometer (MSU), Outside Air Temperature (OAT) and the aircraft Pitot and Static Systems and translates them to digital form and that can be routed to other aircraft equipment.

The Main function of ADAHRS is to provide Heading, attitude and air data information on ARINC429 port for other aircraft


  • 32 bit processor based main control card with necessary power supply and sensor / ARINC429 interface electronics
  • Solid state, precision FOG based 3 axis GYROs for angular rate measurement
  • MEMS based 3-axis accelerometer for linear acceleration measurement
  • Precision Barometer for accurate barometric measurement
  • Differential pressure transducer for air speed measurement.
  • External, Dual, PT100 RTD sensor for Outside Air Temperature measurement
  • External Magnetometer, which will be placed where less amount of magnetic interferences. Power supply and RS422
    link for communication will be provided by the main ADAHRS unit

External Interfaces:

  • 2 high speed ARINC429 ports with transmit and receive channels.
  • One RS422 port.
  • One RS232 port.
  • 5 Nos of OPEN / GND type discrete inputs.
  • 2 Nos. of OPEN COLLECTOR type discrete outputs.

Mechanical Finish:

Material: Aluminum alloy 6061 T6
All Surfaces of the parts are subjected to ALCHROME Treatment as per MIL 5541E.

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