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Datasol Innovative Labs (DILabs) was established in the year 2002. Initially the group was catering to the requirements of the Aerospace and Defence markets by offering Commercially Off The shelf (COTS) products. It was realised that customers needed total solutions for their requirements and were not satisfied with just buying the COTS products. Datasol Innovative Labs (DILabs) began with offering Integration and development solutions to their customers by offering hardware and software development solutions to the customer.

Initially we began with design and development of Signal conditioning boards and later graduated to offering Complete Test Rigs for different Aircraft LRU’s to be tested on the ground before being fitted on to the aircraft. Thus we were exposed to the actual aircraft LRU’s and the technology incorporated into these systems.

We started with making some mock up units for an Aircraft simulator. We designed Multifunction displays for an aircraft simulator. We also involved in the design of the first IJT mock up for HAL which was showcased in one of the International Air Shows in Bangalore.

With the advent of time we were approached by Defence and Avionics customers to indigenise various aircraft systems which were till then being imported by them from various foreign companies.

Our first product was a Signal conditioning Unit which was designed by HAL. DILabs took up the production of this Unit in 2004. This experience gave us an insight into the stringent quality requirements for the Avionics and military industry. This prompted us to go in for ISO 9001 certification to establish a good Quality Management System in the organisation.

Our next product design was also for HAL and this time we got an opportunity to design a technologically challenging product for the ALH. The ISIS (Integrated Standby Instrument System) is an instrument which gives Attitude, Altitude and Air data indications to the pilot as a Standby instrument. DILabs is probably one of the very few companies across the globe and probably the fist Indian company who have ingenuously designed such a product which involves high end technological design which combines Sensors and INS algorithms. The success of this product was very well supported by HAL in offering us assistance by many flight trials on the ALH which gave us the required data to fine tune the algorithms. Today we have delivered over 100 Nos. of the ISIS system to HAL.



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